Save Money by Making the Switch to Tissue On A Roll

There’s a saying: old habits die hard. Paying for overpriced Kleenex when there’s more cost-effective and environmentally friendly options out there is definitely one of these old habits that we ought to shake.

And don’t just take our word for it, let’s take a look at the real savings you can make by making the switch from Kleenex to Tissue On A Roll.

The Savings

Listed across the top are Kleenex products; listed down the side are toilet paper products. Find the intersecting cells and discover how much you’ll save each time you replace 1 box of Kleenex with 1 roll of toilet paper.

Kleenex Ultra Soft 130 Count 8 Pack Kleenex Ultra Soft 75 Count 18 Pack Kleenex Everyday 160 Count 4 Pack Kleenex Ultra Soft 120 Count 3 Pack Kleenex Everyday 55 Count 4 Pack
Angel Soft 2 Ply Toilet Paper, 48 Double Rolls $1.20 $0.54 $1.29 $0.95 $0.54
Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll Toilet Paper, 24 Mega Rolls $0.72 $0.06 $0.81 $0.47 $0.06
Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Big Roll Toilet Paper, 12 Rolls $1.12 $0.46 $1.21 $0.87 $0.46
Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll Toilet Paper, 24 Mega Rolls $0.72 $0.06 $0.81 $0.47 $0.06
Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Family Roll Toilet Paper, 36 Rolls $1.03 $0.37 $1.12 $0.78 $0.37

For our calculations, we used a website everyone is familiar with – – for pricing. To best represent actual purchasing behavior, we used Amazon’s Best Seller lists to help us choose products the top 5 most popular Kleenex and toilet paper offers. To calculate savings, we compared the cost per unit of one roll of toilet paper to one box of Kleenex.

As you can see, the savings are real. And for those of us who like to purchase toilet paper in bulk, the savings are even more impressive. Make the switch. Get #MoreFromYourRoll with Tissue On A Roll.



TP-TOO invents smart, eco-friendly ways to make the most of your everyday goods. Our products help you save money and make a positive impact without having to compromise quality or style. Our Tissue On A Roll dispensers are elegantly designed to look good in any room of your home or office. Reduce your carbon footprint today with Tissue On A Roll.

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