Kleenex vs. TP: Why It’s Time to Make The Switch

Toilet paper is one of the most used products we have in our homes. And it’s also one of the most underutilized. If you’re like most of us, you have a ton of toilet paper stockpiled from all those great sales we love so much. It’s time to use TP for what it’s meant to be used for – virtually everything!

And we do mean virtually everything. Have you seen Kari Curletto’s prize-winning toilet paper wedding dress? Amazing!


Photo by Cheap Chic Weddings / Quilted Northern


While it’d sure be something if we could make our clothes from toilet paper, we know that’s not possible. So why don’t we use our extra TP to replace an item we could all honestly live without: Kleenex tissues.

Have you ever asked yourself why you buy Kleenex? For us, the answer to that question is simply because our mothers would buy Kleenex for us when we were kids to blow our noses and we’ve continued that tradition with our own families. Here at TP-TOO, we call that great marketing!

When you dig in to the facts, there’s many convincing reasons to make the switch from Kleenex to toilet paper. First, Kleenex is very expensive. A sheet of facial tissue costs 24x MORE* than two sheets of toilet paper. Also, while Kleenex is technically biodegradable, it’s made with an additive that makes it strong. This means compared to toilet paper, Kleenex takes up more space and spends more time in landfills while it biodegrades. Last, product packaging like tissue boxes make up over 30% of our trash.**

Products like our Tissue On A Roll toilet paper dispenser now make it even easier to make the switch. With Tissue On A Roll, you’re saving up to and in some cases more than $1.35 for every roll of TP you use instead of Kleenex. It’s truly never been easier to save money and save the environment!


* Kleenex vs Walmart Brand Toilet Paper (June 2017 No Tax – Nevada Prices)
** Lilienfeld, Bob. “From Crisis to Myth: The Packaging Waste Problem.” Livescience.com. Purch, Web. 22 April 2015.



TP-TOO invents smart, eco-friendly ways to make the most of your everyday goods. Our products help you save money and make a positive impact without having to compromise quality or style. Our Tissue On A Roll dispensers are elegantly designed to look good in any room of your home or office. Reduce your carbon footprint today with Tissue On A Roll.

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