Remove lid and place your favorite roll of TP into the box, feed the tissue from the middle of the roll through the hole in the top of the lid, snap the lid into place and enjoy*!

TP-TOO’s Tissue on a Roll dispenser will hold all types of residential toilet paper including: regular, double and most all Mega size rolls (with a little coaxing).

* Note – Remove the center cardboard tube to access the tissue lead by placing the TP roll on a flat surface such as a table or desk top and squish the roll together from opposite sides 2 or 3 times loosening the tissue from the cardboard tube, multiple squishing may be needed to fully detach the tissue. This method will not damage the tissue roll. Sometimes the tissue will still be connected when removing the tube which is great, simply tear it off and feed the end through the hole in the lid, it’s that easy!

Some brands of TP use stronger glue making the tube slightly more difficult to remove, by pushing your index finger as far down as possible on the outside of the tube through some of the glued areas you’ll loosen the connection enough so that by grasping the tube on the inside with your thumb and then twisting the tube while holding the roll down with your free hand you can easily pull the tube up and out of the roll, the tissue may still be attached, tear it off and insert the lead into the hole in the lid and snap into place.

** Included in the package are a set of 4 plastic pads that can be placed on the bottom corners of the dispenser to help keep it from sliding when placed or smoother surface


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