Creative DIY Toilet Paper Hacks

A truly creative hack makes us stop and think twice. Some of the best hacks invent alternative uses for common products. We’re always stunned to see the amount of ingenious ideas people have for one of the most common products out there—toilet paper.

Here are a few of our favorite Creative DIY Toilet Paper Hacks:

Scented Toilet Paper Rolls

It’s hard to keep a bathroom smelling fresh when you have a house full of kids running around. Instead of relying on chemical sprays or lighting candles, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inside of the toilet paper tube (not on the toilet paper itself). Now every time someone reaches for a wipe, they’ll activate the essential oil and release its fragrance throughout your bathroom.

Toilet Paper Tuna Torch

What if we told you that you could make a long-lasting oil lamp out of a can of tuna, a square of toilet paper, a screwdriver and a lighter? And what if we told you it was odorless and you could eat the tuna after you’re done? We didn’t believe it either, but then we saw this video:

Emergency Can Heater and Cooker

This DIY Toilet Paper Hack is popular in the survivalist community and could save your life in an emergency. You’ll need a quart-sized can, a roll of toilet paper, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and a lighter or matches. If you keep these items in your trunk or survival bag, you’ll be able to cook and provide heat if you ever get stuck or stranded.

To make the heater, remove the toilet paper tube from the roll and stuff the roll into the can. Next, pour the alcohol into the can. Once the toilet paper has soaked up the alcohol, light the toilet paper and you’re good to go.



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