Businesses That Can Cut Costs and Reduce Waste with Tissue On A Roll

The green movement isn’t just for people. Businesses big and small realize they, too need to do their part to save our Earth from further damage. Furthermore, businesses can earn the respect and support of an ever-growing population of eco-conscious consumers by going green.

The two main benefits of eco-friendly business practices are cost-savings and waste reduction. And at a time when businesses are constantly under pressure to meet bottom line profit targets, a product like Tissue On A Roll is perfect to help achieve these cost-saving and waste reducing goals.

Why pay for expensive Kleenex when Tissue On A Roll can save your business up to and in some cases more than $1.35 every time? Here’s a list of businesses that can benefit from making the switch from Kleenex to Tissue On A Roll:

Doctor’s Offices: This is a no-brainer. Doctor’s offices go through countless boxes of Kleenex per year to help stop the spread of germs. Instead of Kleenex, doctors should use Tissue On A Roll dispensers in their offices to save money and reduce packaging waste.

Schools: There’s two facts that make Tissue On A Roll perfect for schools – kids spread germs and schools are always underfunded. Instead of wasting precious resources on Kleenex, make the switch and #GetMoreFromYourRoll.

Car Dealerships:  A lot of people visit car dealerships on a daily basis. Replacing Kleenex with Tissue On A Roll is a noticeable way to show eco-conscious car purchasers you care about the environment.

Hotels: Hotels use a ton of tissues. And many hotels have already swapped out Kleenex for more inexpensive tissue products. With Tissue On A Roll, hotels can cut out a huge paper and waste expense without sacrificing quality or style as our dispenser that looks great in any room.

There’s many more businesses out there that could take advantage of the positive impact provided by Tissue On A Roll. Let us know how you use your Tissue On A Roll dispensers in the comments below!



TP-TOO invents smart, eco-friendly ways to make the most of your everyday goods. Our products help you save money and make a positive impact without having to compromise quality or style. Our Tissue On A Roll dispensers are elegantly designed to look good in any room of your home or office. Reduce your carbon footprint today with Tissue On A Roll.

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