5 Reasons to Go Green This New Year

Hey everyone, here’s a question for you – what’s a slight change you can make this year that’ll have the most impact?

Need a hint? It’s the opposite of stop and what you get when you mix yellow and blue together.

If you guessed Going Green, you’re right! There’s so many reasons to Go Green in 2018. Here’s 5 of ours, what are yours?

Be Healthier

Going Green includes what you eat. Processed foods in general aren’t great sources of vitamins and nutrients. You’ll have much more energy and focus by simply eating healthier.

Here’s a tip: Instead of doing the majority of your grocery shopping in the middle isles of the store where all the processed foods are, choose items from the perimeter where the healthier items are usually located.

Preserve the Environment

While you’re at it, why not skip the grocery store as much as you can by shopping at your local farmers market. Not only are processed foods bad for your body, the various methods used to process, handle and package these foods also creates waste and pollution problems. Supporting your local farmers market is an easy way to preserve the environment.

Connecting to Others

We’ll say it. We look at our phones too much. Going Green is a great way to connect to others and become a part of a community. Access to resources, new perspectives, and networking – there’s a lot of benefits of connecting to others.

Increase Home Value

From small to large, any eco-friendly updates you can make on your home will increase its value. Green home updates including replacing faucets, showerheads, and toilets with eco-friendly versions as well as installing solar panels are a great place to start.

Save Money

Many people believe it’s too expensive to Go Green, but that’s fake news. Arguably the best benefit of Going Green is the cost savings. Did you know that every time you put a roll of TP into your Tissue On A Roll dispenser, you’re saving at least a $1.50 over using a box of Kleenex? After a few uses, Tissue On A Roll pays for itself and that means more money in your pocket to do more of what you love to do.



TP-TOO invents smart, eco-friendly ways to make the most of your everyday goods. Our products help you save money and make a positive impact without having to compromise quality or style. Our Tissue On A Roll dispensers are elegantly designed to look good in any room of your home or office. Reduce your carbon footprint today with Tissue On A Roll.

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