Did You Know … 3 Ways you’re Saving the Environment by Using Tissue On A Roll

Tissue On A Roll helps you get #MoreFromYourRoll by keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. But did you know by making the switch to Tissue On A Roll, you’re also doing your part to save the environment? It’s true! Here’s how:

1. Save Trees by Using Less Paper Towels

Many of us have already realized napkins aren’t necessary and swapped them out with paper towels. However paper towels, while convenient, are one of the most wasteful products we use today. According to The Paperless Project, if every household in the United States used one less roll of paper towels per year, we’d save over 500,000 trees each year. That’s a significant impact for such little effort.

2. Create Less Waste by Using Less Kleenex

#Woke people like you and me also see Kleenex for what it really is – a marketing ploy turned habit passed down to us from our parents and grandparents. Kleenex is not only expensive and less biodegradable than toilet paper due to additives used to it strong, but it’s also wasteful. Did you know Kleenex is actually at least twice the standard functional size? Using Tissue On A Roll instead of Kleenex helps the environment by ensuring we’re creating less waste.

3. Inspire Others to Make the Switch by Using Tissue On A Roll

Sure it feels good to save money and lessen your environmental impact. But the best part about making the switch to Tissue On A Roll is inspiring others to make the switch and do their part as well. We don’t have to use products that are wasteful and bad for the environment. Tissue On A Roll aspires to be more than just a product. We want to be part of a movement towards more cost-effective, eco-friendly products. Spread the word!



TP-TOO invents smart, eco-friendly ways to make the most of your everyday goods. Our products help you save money and make a positive impact without having to compromise quality or style. Our Tissue On A Roll dispensers are elegantly designed to look good in any room of your home or office. Reduce your carbon footprint today with Tissue On A Roll.

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