Did You Know … 10 Surprising Toilet Paper Facts

Think you know your toilet paper? Here’s a list of facts about our familiar bathroom companion that are sure to surprise you.

1. Toilet paper is a fairly new invention.

While mass production of toilet paper started back in the 14th Century in China, packaged toilet paper wasn’t available in US stores until 1857.

2. Toilet paper is for more than just the bathroom.

Sure you can use TP for blowing your nose, cleaning glasses or removing makeup, but it has many more surprising uses. Did you know toilet paper was used as camouflage for tanks during the Gulf War? Or that Charmin sponsored a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest where participants designed wedding gowns from toilet paper?

3. The majority of the world’s population doesn’t use toilet paper.

70-75% of the world doesn’t use toilet paper. Let that sink in for a minute.

4. There is a “right” and “wrong” way to hang a roll of toilet paper.

A recent US survey showed that the majority prefer toilet paper to hang off the top of the roll. It’s believed to be more hygienic and functional. Do you agree with the majority?

5. Two-ply toilet paper isn’t double the thickness.

Two-ply toilet paper is made of two layers of 10 thickness paper. One-ply toilet paper is made from one layer of 13 thickness paper. Clever marketing makes us think two-ply is double the thickness, while in reality it comes short.

6. In many countries, toilet paper isn’t flushed.

Good plumbing is a luxury in a lot of the world. So instead of flushing, TP is disposed of in a basket instead.

7. The world’s largest toilet paper roll was made by Charmin.

For World Toilet Paper day, Charmin created a roll that stood eight feet high and was made from 1 million square feet of toilet paper.

8. Toilet paper once contained splinters.

Toilet paper wasn’t “splinter free” until 1935! Ouch!

9. The US suffered a temporary toilet paper shortage.

In 1973, shortages were common. So when TV host Johnny Carson joked that TP was in short supply, viewers rushed out to purchase as much as they could. This harmless joke caused a 4-month toilet paper shortage!

10. The most expensive roll of toilet paper sold for over $1 million dollars!

Yes, it was gold. And of course it was delivered with a bottle of Champagne!



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