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It’s no secret. We’ve all grabbed a roll of toilet paper when we’re nursing the flu or cleaning up a spill. What you might not know is by using TP, you’re also saving money AND being good to the environment!

The Facts:

  • Toilet paper is adaptable to any situation, costs less than facial tissue, and is more recyclable.
  • Tissue On A Roll makes it easy to switch from tissue to TP without sacrificing the quality or the style that you’re used to.
  • Making the switch means more money for you to do what you love. Replacing 1 box of facial tissue with 1 roll of TP saves up to and in some cases more than $1.35 every time!

With Tissue On A Roll, use toilet paper the way it was meant to be used – for virtually everything! It’s never been easier to save money and the environment.


INSTRUCTIONS easy to use

Tissue On A Roll is easy to use, fits any size roll of toilet paper and looks great in any room.

  • Remove lid from the dispenser

  • Holds regular, double, and mega size rolls

  • Slide tube out from the toilet paper roll

  • Feed tissue through the top of the dispenser

  • Place the lid back on … and enjoy!

With Tissue On A Roll you’re well on your way to saving money and the environment. Try the best hidden secret today and see for yourself! We’ll even throw in a free roll of toilet paper with your purchase to help get you started.

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Save money and the planet.

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